Codependency counseling

Codependency occurs in many forms. It involves at least two people, who participate in a dependency on something. It may involve alcohol, drugs, children,
or each other. Unfortunalty, it often is a vicious cycle of anger and blame, while at the same time enabling the other person to continue the destructive behavior.
Forms of Codependency:

Alcoholism or drug use, with an enabling partner
Verbal or physical abuse with partners or family
Triangles of the biological family against the step parent
Conflict and a refusal to let go of control of a grown child
Financial and emotional dependency of a grown child to their parent
Other forms not mentioned.

Effective counseling requires a strong committment on the part of one or both clients to change and break the pattern of codependency. I offer the tools and
strategies to succeed. Ideally, all the people involved in enabling each other to engage in the destructive behavior will go to counseling. However,
even one person can break the cycle if they have strong motivation to do it. I can assist you to free yourself from this destructive and exhausting situation.

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